7 Best Places To See In Chiang Mai

Spending hours watching the tuk tuks roar around, sipping one of the world’s finest coffees, marveling at magnificently built temples, tanning under the Thai sun on tropical beaches and resorts is usually how a wonderful holiday in Thailand is spent. Apart from all these activities we visited some different and yet equally enjoyable places in Chiang Mai. A huge thanks to the local taxi driver we met at the airport!

Although Chiang Mai has some very old and beautiful temples but I would recommend that if you have only 2 or 3 days here then it’s better to enjoy the Thai Village life and beautiful mountainous landscape apart from the lovely beaches in the South and temples all over Thailand!

The driver we met there recommended us to visit these wonderful landscapes and some different parts of life in Northern Thailand. And it turned out to be one of my favorite trips therefore here I’ve made a list of those places so that you can also enjoy your days in Chiang Mai in a little bit different way from the  rest of the cities of Thailand.

Out of all the waterfalls we saw on our way up to the Doi Inthanon summit this was the one with the most power and spray. Near the waterfall there are pathways built that are quite muddy and always drenched in the mist.

This waterfall is located in the Chom Thong District of Chiang Mai and can be visited before 5 pm.

2. Royal Pagodas and the Gardens

The Royal Pagodas were built in memory of Thailand’s King and Queen to commemorate their 60th birthdays! They are beautifully built with great effort and a breath-taking backdrop of Chiang Mai’s beautiful landscape.

Adding to the beauty, there are gardens near these Pagodas! It all definitely shows Thailand’s love for their Royals!

3. Sirithan Waterfall

Slightly less popular this is another amazing spot on the way up to Thailand’s highest point! 

Unlike the Wachirathan Falls this one is a little bit harder to reach as it is deeper into the woods! after walking for 5-10 minutes you reach the viewing platform which is still far from the waterfall itself. Make sure you bring your zoom lens.

4. Thai Silk Village

Thai Silk-specially produced from cocoons of Thai silkworms is one of the most sought-after souvenirs from Thailand.

Our driver took us to the Thai Silk Village where we got to see the actual hard work that is done to make a small piece of Silk. You can also buy lots of products made of pure Thai Silk with a lot of varieties. Click here to get detailed information.

5. King Cobra Show

This King Cobra Show was a bit scary for us because of no nets or proper safety boundaries around the rink! But as the show went on, we realized that these snakes were trained to be very friendly.

Actually, these kinds of shows are a source of entertainment for the local people in Chiang Mai and due to abundance of snakes in the mountains it’s a piece of cake for the people to train and make friends with them! Just make sure that wherever you are watching an animal show, the animals are treated well.

There are many small stops in Chiang Mai to watch these shows.

6. Monkey Show

We had a charming experience here.  The monkeys were as friendly as the people of Chiang Mai! All of the shows we watched in Chiang Mai were truly amazing and showed the local love for wildlife!

7. Crocodile Show

Another local trend and attraction in Chiang Mai which you need to visit because I’m sure you won’t get to see it anywhere else.Only the people  of Chiang Mai are daring enough!

I hope that this information helps you.

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