First Timer’s Guide To Universal Studios Singapore


Planning a trip to the Universal Studios Singapore? Yes! You need to! It was labelled as No.1 Amusement park in Asia from 2014-2018. Anyhow, here I have made a comprehensive guide to this wonderful place for you.

In this post you will learn:

☑️ How to reach there.

☑️ Smart way to get cheap tickets

☑️ Universal Studios attractions and rides guide.

☑️ Tips for a wonderful day at Universal Studios Singapore.

Universal Studio has 7 captivating zones:
  1. Hollywood
  2. Far Far Away
  3. Madagascar
  4. The Lost World
  5. Ancient Egypt
  6. New York
  7. Sci-Fi City

That’s why this place will surely catch your attention at any corner.

Located in the center of Resort World Sentosa it is very easy to reach there and you can spend a whole day. I am sure it will be of the best days of your Singapore retreat!

How to get to Universal Studios by MRT Train and Cable Car?

Cable car view on the way to Universal Studio

If you are the one who enjoys nature and beautiful sceneries then the Singapore Cable car will be the right choice for you to go to the Universal Studios.

1. Take the NORTHEAST LINE or CIRCLE LINE to Harbourfront MRT Station.

2. From Harbourfront MRT Station head towards the Harbourfront Cable Car Station located at the Level 15 of Harbourfront tower 

3. Once you reach there, you will find the cable car ticketing counter right in front. But the Smarter way is to buy the tickets online from Klook or Expedia. They usually have cheaper tickets or combo deals. 

Click here to get Online Cheap Tickets of the Cable Car from

If you get the tickets online a couple of days earlier then you only need to get the physical copy from the counter. It will help you escape the long waiting queues. 


Opening Hours: 8:45 am till 10:00 (the last boarding takes place at 9:30)

One-Way Time:  25 minutes from Harbourfront Cable Car Station to the Universal Studios.

*There is no One-way ticket for the cable car. They give a round trip at either the counter or online.

4. After you get your tickets head to level 15 by lift and board Mount Faber Line cable car to Sentosa Cable Car Station.

5. From the Sentosa Station through the exit walk to the Imbiah Lookout Cable Car Station.

Go to the restroom here! Don’t miss it. It was one of the best ones I ever saw! I’m telling you that you’ll get the best set of pictures! Hailed as the best toilet in the world (not false! it was) it is located on the peak of Mount Faber with that magnificent view of Sentosa!

6. Once you are at Imbiah Lookout Station go up the escalator to board the Sentosa Line to reach Merlion Cable Car Station.

7. From the Merlion Station through the Exit walk to the Imbiah Station. Then take the Sentosa Express Monorail to Resort World Station.

  1. Finally, from the Resort Wort Station take the escalator down and Simply follow the instructions for Universal Studios Singapore.
⌚   Open hours:

2:00 pm till 9:00 pm

To get the latest details Click here!

To skip the long ques, I highly recommend to buy theme park tickets online to get discount and also because they are open-dated.

 Address: Universal Studios Singapore, 8 Sentosa Gateway, Sentosa Island, Singapore 098269

Welcome to the Universal Studios!

As you enter Sentosa you will see a huge logo of the theme park.

Universal Studio entrance

Don’t forget to pose in front of this landmark. It is one of the Instagram-worthy spots in Sentosa.

At the entrance grab the day’s program and the map of park because it is very easy to get lost there! And plan your schedule according to it so that you don’t miss the street performances and shows and character meetups.

Make sure that to meet the characters you are in their area on the time mentioned.

You can also download the map from this link.

Rides Guide for Universal Studio 

1. Battlestar Galactica: Human vs Cylon

Battlestar roller coaster - Universal Studios

Sci-Fi City Zone

This world’s tallest dueling roller coaster, 42.5 meters high will send you to true heights! It is the best tantalizing attraction for all daredevils who are ready to stimulate their excitement! Prepare yourself for countless Spins and drops!

2. Transformers the Ride: Ultimate 3D Battle

Sci-Fi City Zone

The Transformers ride is one the most gripping attractions of the park. This bewildering ride features everyone’s favorite Autoboots and tangles you between their thrilling wars. Get ready for the flabbergasting effects of this wonderful fantasy ride which will put you in stimulating Transformers film.

Make sure you go early or get the express pass ready to avoid the huge queue of waiting people.

3. Revenge of the Mummy

Ancient Egypt Zone

This ride is great for daredevils and history lovers because with all high-speed twists, tilts, drops and motion it takes you for an expedition into the history books!

I went for this twice! It is well worth it. The indoor animations and almost-real effects were amazing. The second time we dragged our mom for this ride and she doesn’t regret! After this ride you’ll bring back loads of screams from yourself and fellow riders.

4. Jurassic Park Rapid Adventure

The Lost World Zone

Altogether, the monstrous earliest creatures, drops in water, the electrifying circular rafts make a fantastic ride that takes adrenaline-junkies into the Jurassic Park.

The ride takes 10-13 minutes.

Scream as you see huge dinosaurs roaming around while wiping the water splashes off your body. Don’t miss this ride if you are looking for something unique and thrilling. This ride will surely boost your excitement.

5. Enchanted Airways

Far Away Zone

This one is a junior rollercoaster that lets you face your fears. Fast tilts still make the most part of this enchanted journey.

Unlike the other heart-stirring roller coasters, you can enjoy this one with the view of some amazing fairy-tale creatures and the magnificent castle backdrop.

6. Accelerator

Sci-Fi City Zone

Fed up of roller coasters? Need some other thrill ride? Then this one is the best! Near the Battlestar Galactica this ride is stirring and yet satisfying. It is as if you are sugar in coffee and need to be dissolved!

This ride has its own way of catching your brain with all the generous spins and twirls. And getting dizzy after the topsy-turvy turns is bearable.

7. Puss in the Boots: Giant Journey

Far Far Away Zone

This is also a must experience attraction for thrill-seekers.

This ride features one of your favorite childhood characters; the SHREK family. Puss and Boots will surely give you a memorable ride. It can even be with your kids as well!

8. Canopy Flyer

Far Far Away Zone

This is also a must experience attraction for thrill-seekers.

The ride features one of your favorite childhood characters; the SHREK family. Puss and Boots will surely give you a memorable ride. It can even be with your kids as well!

Relaxing Attractions For Families

1. Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase (for kids)


New York Zone

This gentle track is a good idea for fun loving adults and children who love Sesame Street. This place will bring you back all those old sweet memories.

Families will love the leisure rides featuring their favorite Sesame Street characters and will surely have a charming experience.

But the main thing I want to mention is that usually this ride has a huge queue ahead and it can even make you wait for about 40 minutes! Therefore, make sure you check the waiting time before joining the queue. In this long time, you can go up for some other activities or shows. Remember to check the shows timings before as well so that you don’t miss any important show.

2. Treasure Hunters (for kids)

Treasure hunters - Universal studios

Ancient Egypt Zone

After you have exhausted from all the thrillers you can try this one if you want a more laid back one. While riding you can witness some amazing lifelike animals like hippos, snakes and vultures etc. But if you find a minimum 10-15 minutes waiting then skipping it won’t be that bad! You can better go for the Revenge of the Mummy once again!

3. King Julien's Beach Party-Go Round

Madagascar Zone

Another lovely stop for little kids! Try this ride at night because it’s not only a beautiful and lively sight but it will bring you some marvelous pictures!

This entire attraction is filled with the lovely Madagascar characters and lively music to make your day end with a good mood!

4. Madagascar: A Crate Adventure

Madagascar Zone

You can spend good time in Madagascar zone if you are the family person hanging with a couple of kids!

A Crate Adventure is perfect for kids that carry you back into the scenes of blockbuster Madagascar movie. Although I want to mention that as an adult and a thrill seeker it was very boring for me! The climax was when I thought that we would get wet under the waterfall but then it stopped! It definitely is meant for kids!

5. Magic Potion Spin

Far Far Away Zone

This small attraction will cover you if you like lesser complex rides. I mean not you, your kids!  The attraction is located in the Fairy Godmother’s Potion shop and is perfect only for kids under 100cm. Personally, I think this attraction could be much better with some good view and height.

6. Dino-Soarin

The Lost World Zone

This ride is perfect for kids and non-adventurous  parents as well. It may be a good chance to soar high and let the wind caress your skin as you sit in colorful prehistoric creatures. In addition, this one is much better than the Magic Motion Spin or the Crate Adventure!

List of Shows You Need to Catch


The Lost World Zone (20 minutes) ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

My personal favourite!


Hollywood Zone (20 minutes) ⭐⭐⭐⭐


Hollywood Zone (5 minutes) ⭐⭐⭐


Far  Away Zone (10 minutes) ⭐⭐⭐


Far Far Away Zone (18 minutes) ⭐⭐⭐⭐


New York Zone (7 minutes) ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Where to eat and drink in Universal Studios?

  1. Discovery Food Court
  2. Stardots
  3. Fairy Godmother’s Juice Bar
  4. Loui’s NY Pizza Parlor
  5. KT’s Grill
  1. Mel’s Drive-In
  2. Goldilocks
  3. Oasis Spice Cafe
  4. Marty’s Casa Del Wild Food Court

Now are you ready for Universal Studios Singapore? Comment below if you need more help. I am always there!

Don’t forget to bookmark this page if you have upcoming plans for USS! You can share it with you friends as well on social media. It may help someone planning to go there! I hope it does.

I hope you have a wonderful experience in Singapore! 😊

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