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Genting Highland is a perfect place to relax in Malaysia. Located just one hour away from Kuala Lumpur it is pretty hassle-free to reach there. Specially after visiting Kuala Lumpur, where there are activities that consume most of your energy, Genting Highland is a more peaceful place with no busy city life. Thus, making it a great place to spend a few days leisurely enjoying the cool weather and having some thrilling, crazy rides in its huge indoor theme park.


1. Cool weather

The weather in Genting Highland is perfect for a vacation! It’s not any of the extremes rather just spring-like all the year round which goes maximum up to 25 degrees and rarely falls below 14 degree Celsius. The noteworthy point is that you will not find better weather anywhere else in Malaysia.

2. Strawberry Leisure Farm


One of the best places is this strawberry farm, full of vibrant colors where visitors can pick strawberries themselves. There are many strawberry souvenirs that are a must buy if you come here! For instance, I got loads of boxes of strawberry milk tea and coffee. (the only fear that I have while sipping these delicious brews is that what will I do when they are finished!?)

3. Awana Cable Car

This cable car ride is a must in Genting highland. It is actually used as a transport system that connects the Awana transport hub, Chin Swee Temple and the Sky Avenue. But more than its transport function it is used as leisure ride to enjoy the magnificent, panoramic view of Malaysia’s most beautiful scenery!

4. Arena of Stars

genting highland

Besides all these things in Genting Highland, you can be lucky enough to catch a live show or a concert in the Arena of Stars which is a huge musical amphitheater, by any top singer/artist high above the clouds! You check out man!!  What if you get a chance to see the BTS!? You can! because many other top singers, so many to be mentioned here have already performed in the Arena of Stars. To get more information click here

5. Sungai Sendat Falls


This cascading waterfall deep in the woods promises cold, fresh water and a welcoming break from the heat of Malaysia.  In addition to enjoying the nature you can do more activities like camping, BBQ or picnicking in nearby area. And obviously don’t miss out bathing in the clear, cool water amid the dense rainforest!      

Tel : +603 55447507

6. Chocoholic's Paradise in Malaysia

There are many chocolate boutiques in Genting Highland, that provide quality treats in huge varieties that satisfy the consumers! These chocolates are perfect to be gifted on many occasions and definitely are best to sneak on with a mug of coffee!


>Harriston Boutique

Address: Gohtong Jaya, Genting Highland 1 & 2, Jalan Jati 1, 69000 Genting Highland                                             

Tel: +603 6100 2010

P.s If you don’t get a chance to come here then you can visit another branch in Kuala Lumpur city.

>Fidani Chocolatier

Address: First World Plaza, 69000 Genting Highland, Pahang, Malaysia         

7. Asia’s first most immersive VR experience in Malaysia

The VOID: it is Asia’s first and most thrilling virtual reality experience where you can go beyond reality to see, smell and even touch the impossible! It is there on level one of First World Plaza. This experience should not be missed as it would be very difficult to find it anywhere else in Malaysia of this standard! But you will be the unlucky one if you are under 18 because you won’t be allowed then! The VOID offers four VR experiences:

>Star Wars: Secret of The Empire

>Ralph Breaks VR (from the cartoon movie Wreck-It Ralph)

>Nicodemus: Demon of Evanishment


8. SkyTropolis Indoor Theme Park

This huge indoor theme park is there in the First World Plaza. It is almost new as it reopened in Dec’2018. Most of the rides take the riders high up into the air, which is most impressive because it is built on limited indoor space. If you don’t have that bug, which loves crazy and thrilling rides or you’re travelling with kids then you can go for the family rides as well! This place has fun for all! And to be really honest, this was the best indoor theme park in Malaysia.


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