Things I Luckily Got to Know Before Visiting Thailand

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Thailand is a beautiful country visited by millions of tourists yearly. Do you also have plans to visit Thailand? Just scroll down to make sure you get to know these few facts about the country.

1. Scams

The rate of scams is very high in Thailand as the country is highly dependent on its tourism industry. Therefore, every local knows how to get the most benefit out of the tourist’s pocket. So, make sure you don’t pay double fares where you are not supposed to! For instance, to the taxi drivers or the local hawkers etc.

2. Shopping

Moreover, if you are a shopaholic then I am pretty sure you’ll love Thailand because there are huge number of local markets where you can buy things at cheap prices! You can shop at the floating markets, the Siam Square or the night markets. The Neon Market in Bangkok was also perfect to shop local products. Learn more about Bangkok here to get the most out of your trip.

3. Water

Although the tap water in Thailand is drinkable but a relative of mine warned me not to take risk as it is not clean everywhere and the bottled, mineral water costs not more than a few cents. Prevention is better than illness!

4. License

Mostly tourists rent cars or motorcycles in Thailand which is a good idea. If you also have plans to rent any of them, then make sure you have renewed international license. Plus renting a vehicle is also cheaper and you get a better chance to see the country in your own way.

5. Smoking

Next, smoking is banned in Thailand at most popular places, beaches, public transports. Tourists are also expected to follow this law and if they break the rule they will be subjected to the punishment.

6. Be Respectful

While in Thailand make sure you don’t disrespect the royals which means that (even if by mistake) dropping a note with picture of the king is considered discourteous by the locals. Also, touching someone’s head is rude (though you wouldn’t coz who touches a stranger’s head but just “if in case”! 😂) because head is considered sacred in their religion.

7. Smile

Last but most importantly the people in Thailand are very friendly and when they smile at you they expect one in return as well! The country is known as the “Land of Smiles”. Thai people are known for their friendliness, unbeatable hospitality and down to earth nature. Most people try to communicate with foreigners even if they don’t know English. You will certainly fall in love with lovely Thai people

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