Phandar Valley – An Undiscovered Heaven in Northern Pakistan

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Phandar valley located in the Ghizer district, five hours drive from Gilgit in the Baltistan province of Pakistan is yet to be discovered by adventure seekers and nature lovers! The valley is an ultimate example of unmatchable beauty, serenity, coolness and no urban interference. Yes, not even proper 4G unless you buy the local sim that provides only 3G signals.

On our road trip to the Hunza  we had never heard about the place called PHANDAR VALLEY! It was our driver who belonged to the valley and recommended us to visit Phandar. I’m glad that my mom allowed us to visit the valley as usually she is the only sensible one among us who always considers the realistic points before travelling to anyplace. Moms!! 🤦‍♀️💕

Why I think Phandar valley is undiscovered?

As I mentioned above the place is extremely gorgeous with friendly and the most hospitable locals. In recent years many tourists have started visiting Phandar valley and other the nearby valleys like Yaseen valley which is another gorgeous spot. But unfortunately due to COVID-19 outbreak we couldn’t visit the place. Still lucky enough that we got to see Phandar!

But the ratio of people visiting the valley is quite low as compared to the thousands of local and international tourists who visit the Hunza valley, Gilgit and other tourist destinations of Pakistan like Swat, Chitral and the Murree hill station. 

The valley still has only a few hotels and rest houses. There is a PTDC Hotel , which when we went was closed. The other few hotels are Madina hotel, Lake Inn Phandarand some more. The option that was left (it was the end of Covid time in Pakistan when most big names hadn’t resume) was a small hotel near the lake that costs only RS 2000 per room i.e $12 USD (backpackers may love this place more because of the prices!) The room was a small one with carpeted floor and two single beds on each side. That’s it! But in Phandar valley don’t worry about the room, just go out and chill in the nature. The amazing landscape surrounding the valley with marvellous beauty will compensate for the room! Also when you travel you become stronger so these small things usually don’t matter much especially when the views of the surrounding are of next level! Like the ones we saw in Phandar valley.

The small number of people who visit Phandar usually do camping and don’t stay for more than two or three days. You won’t see huge crowds even during the peak seasons like in Hunza and in the off-peak times the place hardly sees any visitors. All in all, it is still undiscovered because there is very little technology, its not accessible during winters and many people don’t know about this heavenly place. 

Why YOU should visit Phandar Valley?

Firstly, the road views. The curvy road that leads to Phandar valley is one of the most beautiful ones. Passing through lush green fields with a magnificent view of deep blue river and numerous lakes in the the middle of huge, unexplorable and the barren Hindu kush mountains. The route is also one of the most scenic ones. Worth the drive!

The rest pictures will prove why you should visit Phandar valley.

Phandar valley.
The sun rising from behind the huge mountain peaks at Phandar lake. A sight worth seeing.
Phandar Village Ghizer Northern Pakistan.
The panoramic view of Phandar valley

Now are you convinced to add Phandar valley in your itinerary? If yes then it’s time to get there!

How to get to Phandar?

It is 61 km away from Gupis valley in the Ghizer district. If you are going by car then the journey will be pretty simple and comfortable one as the road condition from Gilgit to Phandar valley good. You’ll have to take the highway from Gilgit to Chitral as Phandar comes in between. 

If you are not travelling by car then you can take the NATCO bus from Gilgit to Mastuj. The NATCO buses are the most reliable options and cheap as well. If you take a morning bus from gilgit it will cost around RS 500. After a 6 hours drive you’ll be at the heavenly Phandar valley!

Note that Gilgit-Chitral road is not open from around November till the beginning of May as the Shandur pass is closed due to extreme snowfall.  

I hope that you find this information helpful for your trip to the Phandar valley! 🙂


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