Reasons Why Pakistan Should Be Your Next Destination

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Undoubtedly, Pakistan is one of the most interesting, intriguing and beautiful countries around the world! From the three highest mountain ranges bordering the north of the country and magnificent sand dunes in the south near the magical coast of the Arabian sea, Pakistan is home to various cultures that come from huge variety of ethnic groups. I must say that Pakistan should be your next destination if you want natural beauty, delicious cuisines, great locals, best hospitality and obviously so much vibrant culture all at one destination!

Each of the ethnic group you visit whether in the southern deserts or the northern peaks, you’ll be amazed to find that all bring with them fascinating cultures, old traditions dating thousands of years back, enchanting myths, vibrant clothes, delicious cuisines and the best hospitality. Making the country a land of unprecedented uniqueness. You need to visit Pakistan at least once in your lifetime because the natural beauty and the souls of the people that are layered with rich culture which will surely make your experience a treasured memory!

Here are some of the most prominent reason for why Pakistan should be your next destination.

The Culture Diversity

The four provinces of Pakistan have their own traditions, culture, language, dialect, food and art! When you travel across the country, crossing each province you’ll notice the difference in the way people dress, look, behave and speak, just as if you’ve entered a whole new country! This diversity greatly affects the art, food, literature and the huge number of dialect that we have. This is truly fascinating because you are going to experience unique cultures under the umbrella of one huge culture. Making it a great option as your next destination

Desi Food

Our country has some of the most delicious recipes due to innumerable number of spices and herbs available that are famous throughout the world. Every dish has a deep history and connection with the place it comes from. The chicken Biryani is undoubtedly the  most famous and loved dish across the country. Whether it is nihari, lentils or a lamb roast each of them are seasoned and cooked to perfection. Pakistan is also famous for organic fruits and vegetables and the variety is great! Only if you see mangoes; there are hundreds of varieties each having a taste of its own. Amongst all the most famous ones are Sindhri, Chaunsa, Anwar Ratol and Langra.

While in Pakistan you must try Nihari, Karhai, Biryani, Pulao,kebabs and also special deserts like kheer, Ras Malai, Gulab Jaman.

Warning: These are only a few famous names. There are a lot more unique and delicious dishes in Pakistan to satisfy your appetite. If you love food than I must tell you that Pakistan should be your next destination! You won’t regret!

The Nature

From the fertile Indus River plains to the sheer peaks of the Karakoram mountain range up in the very north of the country, Pakistan has some of the worlds most stunning landscapes. Due to the strategic geographical location the country has a blend of all kinds of landscapes from hot and cold deserts, plateaux, dense forests, lush valleys, mines ranging from the Arabian sea on the southern coast and The Himalayas, Karakoram and Hindukush in the north! 

The Handicrafts

Pakistan has abundance of artistic craftsmen who artfully create products from the skills that they have learnt particularly from their ancestors. The huge range of these handicraft goods includes glass bangles, straw products, caps, ajrak, embroideries, ceramics, rugs, carpets and wood carvings. All require lots of hard work and time to be made. The handicrafts of Pakistan deeply reflect the culture and are influenced by the environment and social patterns. Due to their alluring colours, lovely textures and traditional patterns they are exported worldwide. 



The street market culture like many other Asian countries is still alive in Pakistan. In fact, it is quite popular and people love them. There are many markets in each city that sell products ranging from clothes and jewelry to fresh desi food. The thing that I love the most is that when you enter a cloth shop the owner himself will welcome you and show you all types of fabrics he owns. And not only this he will answer all your questions related to his business or fabrics that are produced anywhere in the world whereas the jeweler will tell you about any kind of gold or silver present anywhere in the world! For me this is also a learning experience!

Historical Architecture

The historical and modern architecture of Pakistan reflects the cultural diversity and the contrast of different empires and rules the country has experienced over the ages from the world’s first civilization The Indus Valley Civilization and Harappa to Mughal Era and the British rule in the last. The land of Pakistan has been the platform of many civilizations, gateway to many conquerors like Alexander The Great, Muhammad Bin Qasim etc, and the area where huge wars have been fought and many struggles waged! The rich history is portrayed by the extensive range of architecture throughout the country  because of the unique blend of craftsmanship, artistic inspiration, design and construction.





Guests whether local or international, are always welcomed with open arms anywhere in the country. The religious and cultural beliefs encourage pakistanis to respect and show love to the guests. In Islam guests are a mercy of God and everyone does their best to make the them feel comfortable at their place. Before coming to Pakistan be ready to accept sudden invitations from local people or actually strangers who won’t accept a single penny in return.

I still remember the day when I was an 11 year old and we were road tripping across the country all the way from Karachi to the Indian Border in Kashmir. It was sunset time any my father stopped for the prayers and a local chemist asked him where is he from. My dad told him that we’re from Karachi and about the plan ahead to see the Line of Control on the border. At that very moment the chemist suggested that we stay at this farm down in the valley for the night as it would be dangerous to drive in the mountains in dark. He didn’t even think about who we were (LIKE COMPLETE STRANGERS!) and invited us all to his home. 

For most people this may be may be an act of foolishness to let strangers in your home but I can genuinely tell you that it was an act of sheer generosity and wholeheartedness and goodwill!❤❤

All in all hospitality is a part of our culture which is reflected in our traditions and a part of our genes! It is something that pakistanis should be known for rather all that the mighty western media tells us! 

Glorious Mosques and Ancient Temples


As the country is already known for its culture diversity, it also has a multitude of beautiful mosques and temples all around. Some of the most famous mosques are: The Shah Faisal masjid in Islamabad, Badshahi masjid in Lahore, Shah Jahan mosque in Thatta and the newly built Grand Jamia Masjid in Karachi. (obviously there are many many more! uncountable throughout the country!)

Along with masjids there are many Hindu and sikh temples where each year thousands of Hindus and Sikhs come to perform pilgrimage. Some Hindu sculpture date back to the time of Mahabharata. It said that they were written in the 8th century BC! Some of the most famous ones are Katas Raj temple, Varun Dev temple in Karachi, Jagannath Mandir in Sialkot and Gorakhnath temple in Peshawar (there are many more) that have magnificent architecture encased in perfectly shaped domes and beautiful carvings. 

Pakistan is also the birthplace of Sikhism and has 72 most important Sikh religious sites. The most famous ones are: Kartarpur Sahib, Nankana Sahib and Punja Sahib apart from many others. 

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