6 Key Lessons I’ve Learnt From COVID-19

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Life has hit the pause button.

The COVID-19 health pandemic has badly affected every country, economy, industry and everyone of us, our daily lives, businesses and has disrupted the world trade overnight. Most of the industries have slowed their production and much to my sorrow the travel and tourism industry is almost shut down!ūüė• Airlines have paused their operations, hotels are turned into quarantine zones and most people who worked in this industry are jobless. Countries like Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam etc are struck even harder as a huge ratio of their population earns through the millions of tourists who visit their country each year.

This year is surely a test for each and everyone of us! Life has changed so much over the last four months. Everything has changed; how we socialize, how we eat, travel, shop, work and what not! Due to this we have come to realize the importance of most of the things that we’ve been taking for granted. Also covid-19 has taught us lots of lesson. Someone said “Tough times are great teachers!” Therefore, here are some of the key lesson I’ve learnt in the last four months of lockdown, devastating news about the crises, death tolls and mortality.¬†


"The only constant in life is change"-Heraculitus

Nothing in our life can stay forever. We all face changes and it doesn’t matter what change we face, what matters is that how we adapt to that change will forever impact how we are able to live with that change.¬†

In the beginning we all assumed that the virus will go away soon and everything will be normal again. But four months have passed and it’s nothing like it was ever before. We’ll have to learn to live with it and adapt to this new normal of wearing masks and gloves and staying at home.¬†

Besides, remember to keep yourself strong enough to cope with more changes ahead and the best way to do it is to strengthen our faith in Allah Almighty. 


Due to limited human movement we have seen some unexpected changes in the atmosphere. Cities that were covered in smog once again have clear blue skies. The quality of air has drastically improved and its cleaner and fresher. Go to your rooftop at night and you’ll see the stars and the moon shining brightly. Greatly polluted waterways are running clear.

Very unfortunately there are many people who still think that it’s useless to save the environment, the nature and the wildlife because it’s already too late. Covid-19 has taught us that it’s never too late and we can take action now as well! Or I think it is high time that we should take action now!

This has taught us that even the smallest of our actions can either increase or decrease the highly increasing rate of global warming and that it’s not too difficult to alter our habits to save nature and our planet.¬†

This year will be recorded in history books and people who’ll come along will be amazed. It has shown us that we can do anything from making our own sanitizers, growing vegetable at home or coming together. These last few months have been quite scary, but we lived through them. This is a proof that we can do anything.¬†

"When we realised we had to come together, we did. And the same can be done for protecting the environment."- Keith Langston 

We have the ability to make sudden and drastic changes. Across the world healthy people are changing their routines and lifestyle to protect humanity. Similarly for climate change we can transform our energy consumption immediately. All of us can make a difference and play an important role in the solution.


The once super enjoyable endeavour will be quite hard to achieve in this new covid-19-era. Going to places, boarding planes, taking transits, selfies on all instagrammable places will be hindered by all the new precautionary measures all countries will be obliged to take. 

Each new day we praise health workers, delivery drivers, all frontline workers and volunteers. Without knowing them, we clap for them and keep them in our prayers and thoughts. Distant family members and friends are now back in touch thanks to covid-19. 

The power of connection has motivated us to stay with each other¬† in the times of grief, hardship and sorrows. We have¬† learnt how to differentiate between what our mind is predicting will happen – a future state that we don’t know – and what is really true about the situation.¬†


At the end of the day survival will become a prize. I think it’s time we start working on ourselves before running after money or someone else. A stronger you is better than is everything.¬†

Covid-19 is a warning and being humans and sensible we should start working on our mental and physical fitness. The virus itself and the dull days of lockdown will affect the weak at heart and mind. This is a challenge for us and amongst all of us those who  have strong immune system and mental health will be able to survive and carry on with the new normal life. The Covid Era!

You were strong enough that’s why you were able able to live through the last couple of months. And with some more effort on yourself you’ll be able to live through what more has to come ahead!


Death – no matter what religion you follow or how you live your life, we all know that there’ll be a day when all of us will die leaving behind everything that we got after struggling whole of our lives. Until the last few months we were so greedy, we didn’t care about anything and anyone. Each of us had goals to achieve by the end of the month or the year behind which we were running madly and even forgetting that we had to take¬† care of ourselves as well. While the race and madness were proceeding suddenly The Almighty pressed the pause button and here we came to terrible hault!¬†

This is a lesson that whatever we are doing and whatever decision we take in our lives, we should always consider the fact that we’ll die not knowing when. This is the beauty of life!


This is time we wake up from our fairytale dreams of getting back to normal. Let’s not get back to normal and let’s create a new normal, where we strive hard to make ourselves better human beings, strengthen our faith and weakened relation with The Almighty, work hard together for a better world forgetting about the differences we have and uniting on the fact that we all are the human race – the best of Allah’s creation.

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