6 Common Acts To Avoid In Singapore



Singapore is often tagged as the “fine city” where doing a few quite regular things can lead you to lose hundreds of dollars or even land in prison! The city has made a notorious reputation by strict laws . Regardless of those strict rules and regulations Singapore is an amazing place to retreat! You just have to stay well-mannered there!


1.Don’t Dare Chew a Gum

Chewing gum is banned in Singapore (unless due to some medical reason) so make sure when you arrive there your bag doesn’t contains any. If it is very important for you than only keep one or two packs which is the legal limit. This might sound a bit silly but this is what it takes Singapore to be so clean!


2.Avoid Eating In Public Transport

Further, eating in any public transport or station can lead you to get caught because of which you can lose about $500 . However , it is not wrong to have a mint or a sip of water but don’t go too far!


3.No Smoking

Smoking at public places is illegal. You can only smoke in areas that are designated for smoking otherwise , you will be fined. Usually the smoking areas are marked by yellow painted lines and are a bit away from public areas.


4.Don’t Litter 

While it is common etiquette to throw litter in bin throughout travels , it can be costly even if you drop a small wrapper mistakenly.So make sure you use the litter bin or just fold and keep the it in your pocket till you find a bin. 




5.Avoid Singing Or playing a Musical Instrument

Moreover, singing of obscene songs or playing instruments at a public place or road that offends , annoys or creates inconvenience for other people is prohibited.  However it is a misconception that singing is illegal while walking down the road in Singapore . This complies only when it constitutes the word “annoyance”! 


6.Don’t Feed Birds

Feeding your leftover food to the birds or pigeons can cost a lot in Singapore as it is considered illegal. Due to various harmful effects of bird droppings to the public and clean environment of Singapore this this act is highly discouraged.


Indeed! This proves that why Singapore is one of the most clean and civilized cities in the world! Have you experienced any other crazy laws anywhere else ?



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