Don’t Get Cheated In Bali

Beware of scams! They are there everywhere!

Bali-like many other amazing holiday destinations is also known  for scams.Yes man! I’m not kidding. We got cheated for $70! 😱But no need to worry because you are here where I am preparing you to be careful from our own personal experience! And you have to be very careful because when these scams come to hard-earned money then it can become heartbreaking! 

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After returning I just wonder how clever the people are out there in this world. If I were this much clever I would have got straight A’s in my academics!🙈😂

Usually all year round the streets of Bali are crowded with tourists added to the local people. So some of these people are very artful in getting the best out of your pocket.However we cannot blame everyone as it was actually a local taxi driver who told us about this scam that my dad had experienced just one day before! 

The story began when my dad had to get the money exchanged from dollars to IDR to pay for the parasailing adventure. He got intrigued by the high exchange rate That flashed form neon sign at a small money exchange shop. Therefore he went to get about $200 exchanged. These small changers give a good bargain rate that is higher than the official money changers. The game played by the man behind the counter was that he gave the money to my dad to count. The amount was perfect according to the shop’s rate.

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Therefore my dad returned unapprehended about the cheating. Afterwards he once again counted the money and this is where he got to know that there was a big cheating which he couldn’t point to anyone because of the language barrier. From the $200 about $70 were missing! Thanks god it was no more than $200. The man had slipped some notes after my dad had counted so you understand  now? As my dad had already counted just seconds before he could never think that the money could go in their pockets. The agents drop the money so swiftly that it goes unnoticed!


Firstly never ever go to the small exchangers. Only go to the official ones that have their authenticity certificate displayed at the front desk and are monitored by the government.

Secondly, don’t get intrigued by the rate differences anywhere. Always go for the legal ones!(this applies to other fields as well) 

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