8 Useless Expenses That Are Killing Your Travel Budget

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A straight fact – making travel plans is way easier than actually travelling. Most people dream a lot about travelling but they also keep on blaming their expenses as a reason not to travel. They don’t know where is their money actually going! If you think that travelling is expensive and a game only for rich people than I’m really sorry for you. Obviously traveling can be expensive depending on when and where you go. However, have you ever thought of how much money you waste simply on coffee or clothes? Ever thought of saving? I want you to figure out how to cut these pointless expenses so that you are able to visit Amsterdam or the Eiffel Tower after the quarantine is over. I also have to. 

I understand that certain expenses are unavoidable such as rents etc. However, there are many useless ones that may not let you accomplish your travel dreams. Therefore, I have made a list of the 8 most important things that may be killing your travel budget. Due to the global lockdown we all are scrolling throught online stores or maybe watching movies on Netflix. I feel that rather than wasting time and money on these things, we can save some money for our next adventure (when the lockdown is over). I guess it’ll be easier because we are all at home right now.

I’ll be posting another post on “How to Spend Time Productively During Quarantine” soon. Stay tuned

1. Coffee

Nowadays saying no to coffee is simply impossible. Everyone’s crazy behind it. You are not cool if you don’t drink fancy mochas or iced lattes. It’s really fun to walk into Starbucks and order a Triple, Venti, Non-fat, Half sweet, No foam, Soy milk latte with 3 shots of vanilla. Isn’t this cool? I’m sure you have brilliant memory if you remember your order by heart😂. 

I’ve had lots of fun drinking these crap cup of coffees for $6 while travelling. Thankfully we don’t have Starbucks in Karachi, Pakistan or they would have robbed half of my pocket!If you spend $6 daily on a cup of coffee than it means $180 per month which makes it $2160 per year only on coffee. In many countries in Asia house rents and school or college education are cheaper than this.

A better way is that buy a decent coffee maker and make your coffee at home the way you like it or simply stop drinking coffee. Just joking – what a sad life it’ll be without coffee.

2. Clothes


You don’t have to get a whole new wardrobe every summer or fall. Its time you learn how to mix and match clothes to make new outfits. I recommend that you go easy on trends because they are just moments. Once the moment is over it’ll sit in your closet for ages and then end up in the charity. (giving charity is not bad. What I mean is that if the specific item is not to be used for a long time than what’s the point of buying it?) It’ll be better if you stick to classics.

It’s not wrong to buy trendy items , just make sure that they fit with your style.

3. Junk Food


Another big culprit!  We all are spending a lot of our money on these junk items. I don’t even call them food because they don’t have any nutritional value except for those additional calories. With every bite of fast-food you take you are actually scramming your body and your wallet at the same time. I’ve made up my mind and I’m not buying any more junk food. Specially not those Franchise Lays chips anymore.

I’ve always been a junk-food holic and I think not all kinds of junk-foods are rubbish but the main key is balance. We are like; just keep on on gorging chips and colas until our stomach refuses to hold more! This is what is wrong!

4. Everything Branded


Are you also guilty of spending $7 on Black Cherry Merlot hand soap from Bath and Body Works? Why are we spending $7 here when it can be bought for $1 as well? It saves you $6. Well, to be very honest there is not much difference between generic and branded things. It’s only a matter of names. The fancier the name the more expensive its products are. I don’t understand why does Gucci charge us $490 for their simple Boutique print T-shirt. I can buy an aeroplane ticket in this amount.

5. Restaurants

Now please don’t take it wrong. I don’t mean that you should never eat out. Obviously, it is fun to go out for meals with family and friends occasionally. Instead of eating out 4 times a week try to lessen it to once a week. You’ll  save a lot!

Use the money you save from eating out to learn how to make Pad Thai in Thailand. All in all, eating out should not be a frequent habit. This will help you meet your fitness goals as well.

6. Makeup


Ladies, yes this is for you. You don’t have to drop $150 at Mac or Channel every time you pass by them. And there is no need to to spoil your hair by dyeing it after every couple of months. You are the most beautiful the way you are! Just think of how much money you will save if you don’t buy new cosmetics and colour your hair every 6 months? You’ll surely save enough for a weekend getaway to some nice place!

7. Gym membership


These are also waste unless you are truly going several times a week they way you told yourself you would. There is no point to waste money on these machines  when there is youtube for free which has heaps of fitness and workout videos that you can do in your living room. Gym memberships are beneficial only when you are training properly and consulting a professional.

8. Unnecessary Detergents

Dryer sheets? Fabric softeners? Toss ’em. Neither of them is important. Your clothes will be washed without them as well and there won’t be any stains left. Not only these, but also those different types of surface cleaners. The easiest way is to wipe all surfaces with dishwashing soap and a wet cloth and they’ll be perfectly clean. 

The biggest problem is that these silly advertisements have hypnotised us. We don’t think about the product. Just buy it because that lady in the advertisement cleaned her counters and cabinets with 2 different toxic chemicals.

Thank goodness no one is wasting money on movie tickets these days!!

This is a perfect opportunity for us to save money for our next adventure? I can’t wait to travel again. Let me know in the comments below where will you go once the quarantine is over?

NOTE: It is ok to indulge in these things once in a while. I just want you all to understand that we can save great deal by cutting these expenses and going with simpler things as alternatives. I am not saying that you should completely stop using/doing them. Just think of how much you’ll save financially and physically both!


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